Access to The Bob Dylan Archive®


The Bob Dylan Archive® is a research archive at the Helmerich Center for American Research at Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The materials in The Bob Dylan Archive® are available only for qualified researchers and the archive is not open for public tours.

To request access to use The Bob Dylan Archive®, please send a description of your project and a current Resumé or CV as PDFs or Word documents to

    If your research project falls within the holdings of the The Bob Dylan Archive® a staff member will provide you with the latest version of the Finding Aid and Research Request and Compliance Form. Please fill these materials out  completely and return via email to

    Research requests will ONLY be considered if your project proposal is concise, well researched, and feasible within the time frame of your proposed visit. Your research request MUST contain specific boxes and folders for a specific, and limited, number of items in our collection. We will not consider research requests that do not comply with these instructions.

    Each research request will be reviewed by the Archive Librarian and only those requests that satisfy all of the requirements will be sent to the Research Request Review Committee for consideration. Note that this process takes some time, so plan to submit your requests well in advance. The Committee may require you to revise and resubmit your request. Requests for immediate access cannot be accommodated. You will be contacted when the request is granted or denied.



    Research requests will only be considered if:

    • Your description of the research project proposal is concise, well researched, and feasible within the time frame of your proposed visit;
    • You reference specific boxes and folders listed in the Archive Finding Aid for a limited number of items in the Archive; and
    • You complete all of the required forms and submit all of the required documents.

    Requests that do not comply with these requirements will not be considered.



    If your request is granted, an appointment time and date will be agreed upon. Access is only available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, with some exceptions. Although the Archive staff will endeavor to allow you access at the agreed upon times, there may be rare circumstances in which the allotted time may be curtailed or canceled. None of the parties associated with the Archive shall be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred as a result of a cancellation.


    Upon arrival at the Helmerich Center for American Research at Gilcrease Museum, 1400 North Gilcrease Museum Road, Tulsa, Oklahoma, you will participate in a brief orientation. An Archive staff member will review your Research Request and Compliance Form submitted with your research request to confirm that you are familiar with and understand the requirements for access to the Archive and your responsibilities. Before you are allowed access to the Archive, you will be required to sign the Research Request and Compliance Form again.

    Researchers are allowed only pencils and loose-leaf paper in the reading room. Cameras, laptops, phones, or any other electronic devices are not allowed under any circumstances. Access to our extensive collection of audiovisual materials will be provided to the researcher in the reading room by The Bob Dylan Archive® librarian.


    The Bob Dylan Archive® does not claim legal rights for publication or other types of commercial use or reproduction of materials in its holdings. As a researcher, you are responsible for obtaining all necessary rights, licenses, or permissions from the appropriate companies or individuals regarding any information or images obtained from the library.

    Although The Bob Dylan Archive® staff will inform you of any restrictions on a given collection, and will offer general guidance relating to questions of ownership or permissions, this is in no way represented as a substitute for legal consultation or research.